Video guide to gardening without working the soil

It is possible and easy to harvest good vegetables in your kitchen garden, without the bother of digging the soil.

The secret? Let the earthworms and their friends do this work naturally, and not destroy their habitat by turning over the soil.

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All pleasures of the garden, without tiring yourself!

This LIVING SOIL method, when applied to the kitchen garden, produces healthy vegetables in large quantities, without exertion, and WITHOUT ANY WORKING OF THE SOIL.

Without digging, ploughing, raking or hoeing. Without weeding, and with a lot less watering!


Developed and presented by Dominique SOLTNER, this other kind of gardening encourages natural organic activity, which efficiently carries out the working of the soil and nourishes the plants perfectly at the same time.


Without fertiliser and without pesticides, it can be used on all types of soil.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gardener, by using this method you can easily succeed in sowing and growing vegetables, in a natural, beautiful and money-saving kitchen garden.


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